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With over thirty years of experience in designing and developing RCD technology, Western Automation Emobilty is acknowledged globally as an expert in providing solutions for the detection of AC and DC residual currents in installations and in the area of EV charging.

Western Automation Emobility has been at the forefront of EV charging protection and provides products and technologies for protection against electric shock and electrical faults that might arise during EV charging. Western Automation Emobility is an active participant in national and international Standards bodies such as IEC, CENELEC and UL, and uses its expertise to provide solutions to customers around the world.

Western Automation Emobility technology is patented, providing our clients with increased security, reassurance, and commercial benefits.

At Western Automation Emobility we provide EV charging protection technology to minimise the risk of electrical shock when charging an electric vehicle. Our technology provides protection against both AC and DC residual currents. WA has developed a range of solutions for providing protection during EV charging.

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