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Type B RCDs

Protection against shock and fire hazards during EV charging requires detection of AC and DC residual fault currents. This can be achieved by the use of dedicated RCDs, or by a combination of DC and/or AC residual current monitors with an A Type RCD or some other switching device. The following are the relevant IEC product standards covering protective devices for use in Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4 EV charging.

Type B RCD and Type EV RCCB Features

The Type B RCD and the EV RCD are two stand alone devices that have the ability to detect AC and DC residual fault currents in Mode 3 charging applications and therefore the EV installation does not require additional monitoring for fault currents.

Western Automation Emobility can provide Type B and Type EV RCDs for these applications.

Type B RCD

Main Features

  • Complies with IEC62423 (EN62423)
  • Current ratings 20A to 63A
  • Available as 2 pole & 4 pole RCCB
  • Residual current ratings: 30, 100 & 300 mA
  • Residual current ratings: 30, 100 & 300 mA
  • In-rush current withstand: 14I_n Peak
  • Hybrid Option (Voltage Dependant & Voltage Independent)
  • 100% Voltage Dependent Option


The Type EV RCCB has been developed specifically for EV charging systems and can detect AC and DC  residual currents in accordance with the requirements of IEC62955. This provides a lower cost option to the Type B RCD, and has been designed specifically for use in Mode 3 and Mode 4 EV charging applications.

Main Features

  • Residual Current 6mA DC / 10mA AC or 6mA DC / 30mA AC
  • Operates from a 230V AC single phase supply (2 Pole) or 400V AC phase to phase (4 Pole)
  • For use with 2 or 3 phase loads rated up to 63A
  • Complies with the international standard of electric vehicle charging mode 3 (IEC62955)
  • 3000A Surge Current Withstand
  • ROHS compliant
  • Complies with the DC protection requirements of
  • Test button facility
  • ROHS compliant

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